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For the first time in a long time, I am loving life!  It’s a great feeling.   Motivational counselor and author Dr. Roopleen summarizes it perfectly for me.  An excerpt from her blog:

 “I read a Chinese saying some time back and it stuck with me. The saying goes- “We are so busy making living that we  forget to make a life.” This really got me thinking. How true! We are so busy running around in life that we have lost the sense of direction and purpose. The pleasure of living life has given way to the stress and strain of earning a livelihood. Life has become a tedious journey which often leaves most of us discouraged, depressed and drained out.”

Boy do I understand this.  For a long time, this is how I moved through life.  Career and money were all that mattered to me.  I was definitely not living life! I lost myself for a minute.

Dr. Roopleen goes on to say….

“Life is precious. Respect it. Live it with a purpose and live it to the full. Don’t make your life a passive series of coincidences and accidents. You didn’t come into this world to drift in the ocean of life. You are here to LIVE your life. So adjust your sail and guide your way even if it means sailing upstream or against the wind. Don’t just exist- LIVE!”

How true is this??????   So, why don’t we come to this conclusion on our own?  It took some time but I SO get it now.  My epiphany came after a series of life-changing events.   Life is a gift that you need to cherish every day.  Life can be short – you never know when you’re going to go.

With my new mantra “live life to the fullest” in mind, I’m trying to fill my life with new experiences….learn new skills.  I’m expanding my palate.   For instance, I’m learning to shoot.   Yes folks, I am exercising my second amendment right.  Kristin and a weapon?  Some have remarked that’s a scary thought.  Ha ha……If you share that sentiment, let me tell you – I’m a regular Dirty Harry.  Well, that’s a bit of an exaggeration, but I
am good shot…and only getting better.

I have two great teachers, my stepfather Brian and boyfriend Michael, both of whom are skilled marksman.   They are quite responsible so they both took me through the steps.  Learn the proper safety precautions.  Check! Learn how to hold and operate the weapon. Check!

What did it feel like to fire a gun for the first time?   I was initially shocked by how loud the bang was and then came the recoil of the weapon. One gun in particular, a KAHR CW9, took some time getting used to the recoil.  The gun kicks back into your hands.. into your shoulders.  Take a look at this video.


The overall experience?  Empowering and exhilarating.   I think it has to do with once you know how to do it right, you feel more like a badass.  Like you can protect yourself better.  Well, I guess that would mean that you’d have to own a gun (which by the way, I have no interest in becoming a pistol-packin’ mama).  But, if I find myself wrestling a gun away from an attacker, I now know how to use it!

A word of caution to the ladies – do NOT wear loose fitting, scoop-neck shirts.   When you fire a semi-automatic weapon, the shells (or brass) eject and fly everywhere, including unexpectedly down my shirt, causing my aim to go a bit awry.   Ouch….. my poor cleavage…the shells are very hot from firing.   A week later and the burns are finally gone. LOL.


Smith & Wesson 6906 9mm and Glock 17


While I won’t be winning any NRA’s shooting competitions today, I hold a gun like a pro.  I can definitely can play a cop on TV.  Now, I’ll work on improving my shot.   Stay tuned for other new things I’m trying to expand my horizon. 



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  1. Brian says:


    Now that you’re a shooting enthusiast you may want to consider enlightening your readers/followers as to the “shooter’s” definition of gun control. Bleeding heart liberals of the world should not read further.

    Shooter’s Definition of Gun Control: “Hitting what you’re shooting at!”

    Love the blog – RIPI

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