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When a person embarks on a great journey and makes big life changes, great things happen. I’ve said it before, change is a bitch. But, it will open your life up to endless possibilities. Stepping outside your comfort zone is not easy but believe me taking risks comes with reward. I believe the universe rewards people – it has for me.

I’ve changed since my move out here. I’ve grown in many ways and am a hell of a lot stronger. I think and live differently.  Let me give a few examples.

Once a clothes whore – shoes and handbags were my weaknesses – I didn’t care how much money I spent on them. Today, I love second-hand stores (Crossroads on Santa Monica Blvd is great!).

When it came to dining out, I ate at the finest restaurants, sipping down my $15 goose and sodas without a worry. And today? While I do eat at fabulous restaurant on occasion, I mostly cook at home. That’s right!  I can cook (and am a bloody good one too).  My friends back home can’t believe this. My cooking skills were non-existent at best. I was never in the kitchen and ate take out for most meals, spending a ridiculous part of my annual salary on dining out/entertainment. That was then…..

What else is different? I’m inspired all the time. I am affected by things that I didn’t even notice before.

Inspiration is everywhere around you – just open your eyes. For some, that may be opening your minds and hearts. I don’t mean this to be derogatory in any way. I was once a person who was totally consumed by work. Always had my head down and never enjoyed the beauty around me. Today, I appreciate (and actively look for) the universe’s little gifts. I get joy and inspiration from nature, quiet moments, human kindness, other artists…..

One of the things I love about LA is its people. This town is full of inspiration and inspiring people.  I enjoy hearing peoples’ stories, and on the tough days, this keeps me going.  Let me share with you…..

With my writer girlfriend, Heather, in tow, I attended James Hallett’s “Exploration into Imagery and Dream Work for Actors and Artists” workshop.  James has an interesting background. With an MFA in Acting from Yale, he went onto become a professional actor in NYC. He then apprenticed for seven years and became a practitioner of DreamWork and Imagery Techniques. What is that, you ask?

James Hallett

James’ course blends Acting and Dream Work as a path to opening and empowering the actor’s creative genius. It uses the imagination to break through to a new level of presence, clarity, and power in auditions and performance.Fortunately for Heather and me, the class was small so we got one-one-one attention from James. He asked us to go back to our childhood and talk with our inner child.  Much of what he said validated what I read in the Artist’s Way. After some tears and discussion, I realized some things that were holding me back, most of which were driven by fear and childhood memories. My girlfriend walked away with a similar experience.  There is something to his work – I found it to be very beneficial.

Jack Plotnick also motivates me. Let me start by saying that I am the worst kind of worrier (thank you nana Martell). I am always in my head thinking about the what-ifs and different scenario of how situations could play out.  Getting out of my head is a challenge. It started to affect my auditioning and got me down in the dumps. Thank you  Jack Plotnic, this is not longer a debilitating problem.  He gives you another approach.  I’m working daily with affirmations – which is very new to me.  But, it works!!!!!  I have an entirely new mentality on my acting and with other things in my life.  Trust me, you want to “New Thoughts for Actors.”  Many of the principles can be applied to other things beyond acting.

Jack Plotnick

If you’re dealing with psychological roadblocks, I highly recommend these guys. So, how did James and Jack help me specifically?I took off 8+ months to focus solely on my PR business, so when I re-engaged as an artist, it was overwhelming. Thanks to them, I’m re-energized and have a more positive outlook. I’m excited for the future and plan to enjoy the ride more.  I AM ready to take my craft to the next level and will be patient with and forgiving of myself during the process.   I’m working on becoming fearless!

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