About the blog

Welcome to Damn the Odds, a forum for people to share their stories about the improbable journey and the struggle to overcome overwhelming odds.   The intent of this site is to provide hope and inspiration, motivating people to reach for their dreams, no matter what the odds are.

Damn the Odds also chronicles the thoughts, experiences, lessons learned of an aspiring actress who is starting life over after 30.  Once a successful PR maven in Washington, DC, now a sad underdog in “LA LA Land”, Kristin is trying to beat seemingly impossible odds in pursuit of a dream.

To learn more about her journey, below are a few early posts that tell the story.

Welcome to Damn the Odds: http://damntheodds.com/2011/07/welcome/

Reaching for the brass ring: http://damntheodds.com/2011/07/reaching-for-the-brass-ring/

The “why” behind the path not chosen: http://damntheodds.com/2011/07/the-%e2%80%9cwhy%e2%80%9d-behind-the-path-not-chosen/

Putting a stake in the ground: http://damntheodds.com/2011/07/putting-a-stake-in-the-ground/