Keep on keeping on……

Accomplishments, Obstacles

Let me start by saying things are good….very good, so no need to worry about me. I’m not going to lie though – I’ve said it before AND I’m sure it will be said again – this experience has been an emotional roller coaster. There’s a pattern. I make progress in one area but then take two steps back in another. Talk about frustrating.

Coming into this, I thought I had realistic expectations of what a bi-coastal move and change would do to me. Nope! I had no idea. Leaving stability and financial security, and moving 3000 miles away from friends and family bring lots of emotion.

Thankfully, I’ve made it through major hurdles and am stronger for it. There will always be bumps in the roads, hurdles to jump over, punches that knock you down…….Get up! Push through! Persevere! Take one day at a time!

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  1. Mike Nolin says:

    Good luck out there Kristin! You were always a star imo.

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