A little win


I wrote last month about why little wins are important for artists.  There’s so much rejection in this business that you need to appreciate and celebrate every accomplishment…no matter how small it is. Last month, I got my first callback for a national commercial. It’s a big deal for a new actor.  And, while I didn’t book the job, being one of the few selected to come back and audition for the director and larger group (client and ad agency) was HUGE.

One of the things I learned quickly about the auditioning process is that you can’t fret over how the audition went, your performance, etc. too much. I always walk away with one lesson learned and then I forget about the audition. There are so many factors involved in the decision-making process so there’s no point to waste time and energy thinking about what went wrong.

For example, it didn’t occur to me while sitting in the waiting room that the other five women all had dark hair. After my audition, l was told they didn’t want California-type girls (blonde hair and blue eyes) cast for the role as this needed to appeal to women in different parts of the country. I asked why I was selected to come in and he said “you must have done something in your audition they liked.” That’s good enough for me! I’m doing something right…and as I always say after a bad date…..NEXT!!!


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