Self-doubt is a bitch


It doesn’t matter what your goal is…there will always be obstacles on our paths.   The playing field will sometimes be slanted against us.  People will pull us down…and WE can pull ourselves down.   I’m talking about self-doubt – she is a bitch and I’m dealing with it on a regular basis.   We’ve all faced it at one time or another.  It creeps in, takes hold, and when it does, emotions spiral into loss of confidence, faith or motivation.  I constantly ask myself, “will I be good enough?”   Who knows at this point but I need to try.  I recognize self-doubt is a self-fulfilling prophesy, so here’s what I’m doing to cope.

  • Tame the mind – I’m staying positive.  Success or failure is in the mind.  We usually focus on reasons why we will fail instead of looking at why we’ll succeed.  The time and energy has a greater return on investment if we stay positive.  I’m reading Julia Cameron’s The Artist’s Way.  It is a 12-week course on discovering your creative self.   It’s taught me to use daily affirmations (positive statements of positive beliefs) to combat doubtful thoughts.  So far, so good.  I will NOT let self-doubt sabotage me!   Not sure how I’ll feel once I start auditioning.
  • Stay focused and determined – Self-doubt is definitely testing how strong my will is.  The cancer was a brief setback, but I didn’t give up.   I have new struggles though…like trying to stay productive and motivated.   I just created a work-back plan with short and long-term objectives, deadlines, daily to-do lists, contacts sheets, etc.   This seems to be helping keep me on track.  The list lover in me gets great satisfaction by scratching to-dos off…it gives me a feeling of accomplishment.
  • Celebrate successes – I’ve started to acknowledge accomplishments.   In the first few weeks, I focused on things that were not done and didn’t recognize what I had already accomplished…like moving to California.  I mean…most people don’t get that far.   It was a friend who helped me realize this.  She said, “most people never make the leap.  You did it.”    She is right!  I did.  Moving forward, I will continue to cement positive emotions in my mind.
  • Amass supporters and say goodbye to critics – I’m tilting the playing field to my advantage by finding people who believe in and support me.  Corporate America taught me that it IS all about who you know.  I’ve been fortunate to work alongside brilliant people in the technology community.  And now, I’m seeking out people who have succeeded in this business.    I know there’s a lot to learn.   I’m also disassociating myself with people who pull me down with doubt and negative energy.   I’m not going to let anyone dampen my spirit.

I’m sure self-doubt will continue to plague me at times but I’m taking steps not to let it become an obstacle.   I’m not sure anyone can say goodbye to it (it is, in fact, a human emotion) but when it happens, I hope to find strength from it to push me ahead.

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