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(Note to my readers: My deepest apologies for not writing sooner.  I’ve been busy and my blog has suffered.   I’ll be better.  Pleassssse give me another shot.)

Well…it’s not an Oscar BUT I’lllll take it.  Here’s the story but first let me set the stage.

I’ve been fortunate throughout this crazy journey.  It seems good things happen when I need them to…like when I start to question if this new path is the right one.   I will say this happens less and less now, but there are those rare occasions when it does.  Like when I’m feeling overwhelmed about the long road ahead.  This will take years to accomplish.  I know and accept this…..but thinking about everything I need to do and my odds….it can be quite daunting. Another thing that gets me sometimes is when I hear industry people rant and rave about the biz.  AND, these are the successful ones.  Wow…does Hollywood make everyone jaded?  Hope not.

The gals and me

When I start down this unnecessary road of self-doubt, the universe gives me a sign to keep going.  A form of validation that I AM on the right path?  That’s how I look at it.   It could be as small as picking up a penny on the morning of an audition, to a more observable, greater event like being selected as an aspiring actress in a nationwide contest.

So, just days before the 84th Academy Awards, I got an email telling me that I was named in an aspiring actress contest by  F#$cking fabulous, right?

Who is this Emma anyway? is a new online marketplace.  Think Craigslist but better.  Leveraging Facebook’s connections, people now have the ability to control the audience and interact with only their friends and friends’ connections.  It’s much safer. An undoubtedly creative PR strategy, is holding monthly “experiences of a lifetime” contests to bring visibility to the site.

According to a company spokesperson, they looked for actresses with passion and personality, and who demonstrated dedication.  In total there were three of us.  We were all at different levels with me being the newbie.  The other actresses – Aliza Rupert and Laura Hunter – are super cool chicks whom I look up to.  Take Laura, a.k.a. Miss Hunter.  She inspires me on so many levels.  She’s stuck with it through all the ups and downs, and things are starting to happen for her.  Through her blog and other writings, she does a great job at marketing herself.  Laura also creates her own content – so smart!  This has been one of my goals for 2012 and she’s inspired me to get off my ass.  You need to watch her Hillaree the Hillbilly character – so hilarious!

The girls and I attended very cool after-Oscar parties where I rubbed elbows with stars.  I also ran into old friends from DC – Cheryl Romero and Andrea Rodgers (AKA Miss A).   These girls are lovely and they know how to work a room.  TV and film actor Chris McDonald was part of our posse for part of the night.  A regular on not one but TWO TV series (Harry’s Law and Boardwalk Empire), Chris’s very down-to-earth.  I’m kicking myself for not asking him questions.  It WAS a party so I was trying to be polite and respect his time.  Chris, if you’re reading this, I would love to pick your brain one day.  Coffee?  I’ll come up your way.

The final destination was a swanky LA mansion where we mingled and danced.  There was food served around 3 a.m. so Laura and I ate.  In fact, I went up to the buffet not once but twice.  Quelle surprise!

I left the girls on the dance floor around 4 a.m. and headed home to my man. Hanging with the beautiful people at swanky Hollywood parties is nice, but I greatly value the relationships I made at this event.

Here I am…a year into it.  I moved to LA essentially not knowing anyone.  I can count on one hand how many people I knew.  But now?   I have lots of friends…and continue to meet cool people every day.  Whoever said LA doesn’t have quality people????

Thanks, this was certainly an experience of a lifetime.  Well….hopefully not.  I will be here again soon!!!!  And, not because of a contest next time.

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  1. Laura Hunter says:

    Thanks so much for the kind words, sweetie! It was such a pleasure to meet you and I look forward to more hangouts. Also… any time you want to shoot a web video, I’m totally down! :)


  2. Aliza Rupert says:

    Kristin!! It was such a joy meeting you and Laura!! I can’t wait to reunite :)

    Hope everything is going fabulously for you, love!!



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