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I published a post today on Pacific Punch (titled “From DC to LA: A Transplant’s View on the Emerging Local Tech Scene”) about my experience as a transplant coming into the LA tech scene. I wrote about LA’s strong sense of community.

Prior to my move, I believed that LA was a town full of self-absorbed, egotistical pretenders. I heard this from many people, so I took it as truth. How ignorant of me….

This is simply not true. I’m meeting wonderful, genuine, cool people here and have made some amazing friendships.

Of course, I met one or two who were the stereotypical LA type but those interactions remain far and few between.  Don’t let these people affect you or sway your perception of LA.  Learn the lesson and move on.

My story? I moved here with no friends or business contacts.  I was alone.  So, here I am …a 30-something year old having to make friends all over again.  When it came to my work, I was in the same boat. I have an extensive network of business contacts, except in LA. I had to introduce myself to the local tech scene and players. And, lastly, I was a newcomer in the Hollywood entertainment circle.

In each of these areas, I’ve met people who have helped me along this journey in some way, and for that, I’m so grateful.

Take for example my PR work. When I made the decision to re-enter the tech world, I was fortunate to secure meetings with local executives and VCs, thanks to referrals from my East Coast contacts.   Everyone whom I talked to was friendly and eager to help.   These intros led to new clients and partnerships.

As far as my personal relationships, I can trace back my opportunities and successes to certain individuals. After this experience, I truly believe people come into your life (or back into) for a reason.

Sooooo, take my advice and don’t listen to the naysayers – LA is full of friendly people who want to help you succeed in this town.  Be open to the possibility that everyone whom you meet can help you get another step closer to your goal.

Hanging with great people at the Silicon Beach Fest


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